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The Best Solar Flood Lights of 2023

Jan 23, 2024

With 216 LEDs on a front panel and two adjustable side panels, the TBI Security Solar Light offers a wide range of illumination. I was able to adjust the direction of the lights to illuminate a 180-degree angle by rotating and tilting its three light heads. The manufacturer says the panels are adjustable to 355 degrees, but the greatest degree of directional illumination realistically available is about 270 degrees—and that's only if the light is installed on the corner of a building. Otherwise, the building itself will block the light.

I was impressed by the light's motion sensor—it picked up my movement from about 38 feet away. It has a powerful 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery and features 2,200 lumens of intensity. It isn't a super-bright light, but it's sufficient for seeing where you’re walking and it illuminates to about 40 feet away.

The TBI light is rated IP65 to lock out dust and to withstand occasional rain—though the snow and sleet storm didn't adversely affect it. It worked just as well after the storm as it did before.

Once triggered by motion, the TBI flood light remained on for about 30 seconds after I moved out of range of the sensor. As long as I was moving within range, it remained on. A slight downside is that areas of darkness were apparent between the light beams if I adjusted the sidelights outward more than 45 degrees. This wasn't a disadvantage for me, as I set the main light on the center of the patio and positioned each of the sidelights toward two side gates. However, for someone who wants a solid field of illumination, this could be a small disadvantage.

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Get the TBI solar lights on Amazon, at Walmart, and on Newegg.

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